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Choose A Package

A Marketplace, Proprietary or Services Portal each require a unique set Applications and Services.

Portal Packages

Robust & Compliant

A fully-integrated suite of applications to engage the full spectrum of the securities industry.

Our Software

Knowledge Is Key

Let us share with you what we have learned about this exciting and evolving market.

Our Approach

Portal Packages

An Integrated Suite of Applications and Services

Engage issuers, investors, managers, broker dealers, and resources providers

The Apicista engine can be configured and customized to meet the requirements of your business community and workflow. By combining a suite of application and integration all in the context of your business and brand - we save you months of development and thousands of dollars.

Portal Ops


The Software Engine for Your Investment Platform

Powerful technology with a robust, scalable and compliant infrastructure at the heart of an online private securities business.

As a platform for the online solicitation, sale and support of private and exempt securities – Apicista enables developers, banks, broker/dealers, “crowdfunding” portals and more to get to market on-time and on-budget.

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Our Approach

The Intelligence Needed to Grow your Business in the Crowdfunding Market.

Engage issuers, investors, managers, broker dealers, and resources providers

We literally wrote the book on the design, development and launch of investment portals. Read our book, whitepapers, snap shots and more.

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